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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The paper

Maximum 1200 words, minimum 700 words 

Description of your thinking and art process that includes references to the readings and how they have informed your project (or not, and why not).  

Criteria of Evaluation

layers (how many)
thinking process
growth in your own work 

subjectivity (how well is expressed or understood in your method)
objectivity (what you have gathered from research)
extending or extention (any of the assignments or elements of your art practice)
issues of democracy (figure that out)

Issues of the class

Information Landscape is Everywhere

Geographic:  by, at, in, on

Architectural: shape, volume

Social: history, interpersonal, regulatory (law, custom)

Presence:  sensory, mental, time

Path: physical, communications

Some of the core elements that are addressed (sometimes critically and sometimes not) in Locative Media are control and surveillance (which are subtopics of regulation).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Now we are going to consider the meaning of place as the foundation on which the projects are built.  We are then back to the original philosophical question: what is place relative to space?Physical assignments amplify the condition of space. But we are now narrowing our focus to "what is the meaning of THIS place."  The place that you have chosen, and why you have chosen it.

Wikipedia on Place.


I have been thinking about the direction of the class, and that the body exercises often may seem like they take the class in a different direction than some of the theoretical assignments.  I am hoping that they just give you more tools to use when considering your final assignment.  Rather than look for a linear coherence, I am hoping that inclusion of the body, improvisation and the physical act, will give you some inspiration.